Six Ways to Grow Your Gift Shop Sales

Whether you’re a must-visit museum, historic home or independent gift shop, product sales are a vital part of your revenue stream. As well as increasing bottom line, a gift shop laden with desirable mementos and collectibles helps strengthen your brand and create dedicated followers and fans of what you do.

With over two decades’ experience of designing and supplying design-led gifts to top retailers world-wide, we’ve channelled our collective gifting expertise to bring you six ways to generate more sales.

1. Bespoke mementos – Visitors look for original, thoughtful gifts as reminders of their experience. Benefit from your USP by offering quality, personalised products featuring your logo or image. Items such as tea towels, china mugs, candles and printed bags make great affordable keepsakes. The beauty of selling own brand items is that they set you apart and tell your unique story, quietly spreading the word about your presence to everyone around. Maximise sales by stocking customised gifts that appeal to all ages, from young visitors – who seek out colourful, tactile keyrings, magnets and pens – to adults seeking stylish stationery and homeware.

2. Great British Design – Visitors from home and overseas adore gifts that are distinctly ‘British’. If you’re a London-based gift shop, ensure you cater to this audience with fresh, funky London themed products and souvenirs. Our top-selling Alice Tait London and Red Bus ranges are hugely popular in stores across the capital and come in multiple formats, including 3D charm keyrings, cotton bags and, that essential British accessory, an umbrella.
Union Jack themed keepsakes are also a gift shop favourite. But gone are the days when cheap and cheerful will do, today’s customers want cool, contemporary products that last. For covetable Union Jack merchandise, check out our Jacks & Co collection.

3. Offer Co-ordinated Collections – A key element of increasing sales is ensuring your shop window always looks full and tempting to passers-by. Creating co-ordinated giftware, where your chosen design is applied across a variety of gift formats, is perfect for creating visual impact to entice customers and enables you to offer products for every visitor type, helping boost sales.
Inspiration for your range can come from artwork archives or, why not commission one of our talented British artists to create something exclusive for your brand?

Our giftware forms part of this high-impact display for RHS Garden, Wisley.

4. Stylish Visual Merchandising – How you arrange products influences sales success. Co-ordinated ranges in the same colour palette attract attention and make strong product window and in-store displays. Also, group products which go together, such as mugs, coasters and tea towels to take advantage of cross-selling opportunities. When developing a display, try to stick to the visual merchandising ‘rule of three’ by placing items in sets of three, creating balance and symmetry. Alongside displaying products in a row, think about three in terms of height, placing taller items at the back and medium and smaller at the front. When you’ve finished, stand back and take a photo – if it looks good enough for your brand’s Instagram account – you’re on the right track.

5. On-trend Gifts – Stay in touch with retail trends and stock products accordingly. For example, there is currently a huge drive towards ditching plastic in favour of sustainable, long-term product use. Offering items, such as re-usable bamboo travel mugs and foldaway shopping bags shows you are in tune with customer needs and committed to helping the environment.

6. Impulse Buys – Keep a good stock of smaller, lower cost items in and around the till area. Keyrings, pens, magnets, badges and stickers are all ideal impulse purchases and are an easy way to increase customers’ basket size and overall spend.

If you’d like to become a stockist or discover more about commissioning your own exclusive giftware, please get in touch here.