Five Best-selling Gift Categories for Summer 2019

Driving up gift shop sales means stocking thoughtful mementos that appeal to all your visitors. As one of the UK’s best suppliers of design-led, original giftware collections, we have compiled five of the best-selling gift categories to stock this summer.

Bamboo Travel Mugs  – With awareness about ditching single-use plastic at an all-time high, consumers are looking for environmentally-friendly, re-usable alternatives to everyday essentials, from coffee cups to toothbrushes. If you stock one gift category this year, it has to be bamboo travel mugs.

Bamboo mugs not only come from one of nature’s most sustainable resources – bamboo is able to regenerate every few years – but is fully biodegradable and requires no fertilisers or pesticides to grow. Our eco-friendly bamboo travel mugs are one of our best-selling items and a great hit with all customer groups.

Choose from a variety stylish designs, including Jacks & Co with its bright, bold Union Jack theme, Alice Tait London featuring charming illustrations of London’s best loved sights and Sketch London showcasing London’s skyline with a lovely zesty orange lid and cup sleeve. Alongside these, we can also design your own unique custom travel mug collection, enhancing and promoting your brand to a wider audience.

Bags – Shops charging for plastic bags means virtually everyone is tucking re-usable bags into their handbags and pockets before venturing out. Sales of re-usable bags are increasing exponentially, so make sure you offer several styles to cater for your visitors’ bagging needs – from roomy bags for summer holidays and the weekly shop to small, foldaway bags for everyday use.

We’ve seen a surge in demand for our bag collections, especially cotton tote bags, foldaway bags and large canvas shoppers. Recognising customers want a distinctive look, we pay close attention to the design concept and finishing details, such as contrasting/matching piping and zippers, chromed zips, patterned linings and branding tags.

Tip: Merchandise bags with bag charms and scarves for an appealing accessories multi-buy.